High Impact Relationships Accelerate Results

In medicine, we know that successful treatment regimens require an understanding of how to develop and deploy the right drug or drug combination at the right time. That’s why Exelixis has a long history of leveraging productive partnerships and collaborations to move our molecules and our business forward. Our model for value creation is built upon a disciplined use of resources and a vast oncology clinical development and commercialization network. Our strategy is enhanced by our history of prolific drug discovery, aptitude for recognizing the missed potential of validated targets and ability to focus on oncology assets that are asymmetrically valued or misunderstood. With a focused, nimble team, we fully commit to our programs and partnerships.

Today, we’re oriented around three types of collaborative relationships:

Maximizing the opportunities for our flagship product, cabozantinib: We have an extensive, long-term pipeline strategy for cabozantinib and are focused on optimizing the molecule through broad clinical development. See our collaborations with Ipsen Pharma SAS, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd., Bristol Myers Squibb Company (BMS), and Genentech, Inc. (a member of the Roche Group) (Genentech).

Exelixis discoveries moving forward in the hands of partners: Our history of productive drug discovery includes partnering multiple compounds and programs with leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies. See our collaborations with BMS, Daiichi Sankyo Company Limited (Daiichi Sankyo), and Genentech.

Working together to identify the next generation of Exelixis medicines: In addition to conducting its own internal drug discovery activities, Exelixis is actively seeking in-licensing or acquisition opportunities to bring promising product candidates or other assets into its pipeline. See our collaborations with StemSynergy Therapeutics, Inc., Invenra, Inc., Iconic Therapeutics, Inc., and Aurigene Discovery Technologies Limited.

Collaboration Opportunities

We are actively seeking collaborations and licensing opportunities to help maximize our impact.